Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve with the Cannons

Our attempt at the Christmas story featuring Dave as Joseph, Deborah as Mary, Truman as the baby Jesus, Emily as Wiseman 1, Bev as Wiseman 2, and Joel as the narrator. It was the best Christmas (pageant) ever!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blue Eyes

okay, i couldn't resist just one more post! here is a picture of Truman at our family photo shoot yesterday, by the very talented Holly Hyde (


i'm sure no one is surprised by now that i have not blogged in months, so i am not going to make any excuses. i am, however, going to update you a little on what's been going on.

here is my cute Truman, (9 months on that day), dressed in his first Halloween costume, the cutest lion you've ever seen:

a few days later, we had his 9-month check-up and here are his stats + some fun new things he is doing now:
  • 21 pounds, 3 oz (73rd percentile)
  • 30" long (92nd percentile)
  • he has 5 teeth: 3 on top, 2 on bottom
  • he can stand on his own (briefly)
  • he really wants to walk!
  • he loves to carry his toys around in his mouth
  • he loves to giggle
  • he is a wiggle worm!
  • he loves to clap, click his tongue and blow "raspberries"
  • it is so cute when he says "mama mama" constantly
  • he loves cars, remote controls and balls, especially footballs
  • he loves all veggies, doesn't like bananas, and loves cheerios
  • he is a serious flirt and loves all the ladies!
  • i am so absolutely in love with this kid!


9 TV shows I watch:
The Office
30 Rock
Gossip Girl
One Tree Hill
Kath & Kim
Grey's Anatomy
Jon & Kate + 8
Criminal Minds

9 Favorite Restaurants:
Ruth's Diner
Sun + Moon Cafe
Blue Plate Diner
The Roof
Red Robin
Cafe Rio

9 Things I did Yesterday:
Watched the football game
Went to a baby shower
Had our family pictures taken
Did the laundry
Did the dishes
Went to the grocery store
Played with Truman
Watched TV with Joel
Started putting together some Christmas gifts

9 Things I am looking forward to:
Joel's 30th birthday
Truman's 1st birthday
My dad + stepmom coming to visit
Our family Christmas Eve party
Taking some time off after the holidays
Hawaii for my 30th b-day in June
Truman learning to walk

9 Things on my Wish List:
Not being sick!
A new car for Joel
(eventually) a little sibling for Truman
A husband for Bev
Cousins for Truman
A new fence for our yard
Updating our kitchen
Joel's mom watching Truman again
Happiness for my little family

9 Things I am scared of:
Losing Joel
Losing Truman
Driving in the snow
Making decisions
Speaking in church
Praying in Sacrament Meeting

9 Friends That I tag:
Jennie S.
Becky C.
Janaya R.
Katie T.
Nichole B.
Jayna S.
Anna S.
Lisa W. (soon to be H.)
Bev P.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Family Vacation - August 2008

After much discussion we finally decided on a spot for our very first vacation with Truman. We had considered destinations from Calgary to Mexico and San Diego to Denver. We finally chose a location in Colorado near Vail called Avon. The drive was about 7 hours and we were hoping and praying that Truman would make the trip with out incident. Luckily when Dad got tired, Truman took over at the wheel...We loved the location we picked and the family had a blast. On our second day we headed into the Beaver Creek resort for a day of hiking (and shopping for mom). On the Five Senses Hike, Truman loved the creek, trees, animals, and just hanging out with Mom and Dad...

Luckily, as always, Mom was prepared for every contingency...

After our hike, we returned to find our car with a boot... and also reconstructed in Legos...
The trip was a great success and a much need break for the family. Truman enjoyed his first summer vacation and was so well behaved we may even bring him with us to Hawaii next year. We had one adventure on the way home vacation that we never expected. As we were traveling home, a mudslide wiped out Highway 6 between Price and Spanish Fork, we were stuck. We turned around and headed back where we found an alternate route through Duchesne, as we traveled along the road it began to rain, and then it began to pour. By the time the rain was so thick we couldn't see the road, traffic had come to complete stop. As we waited behind a semi truck, I glanced up at the hillside on the side of the road and noticed an impromptu waterfall beginning to form, as soon as I pointed out the slide to Em, the side of the road exploded in mud and water and raged so high it was slamming into the trailer immediately in front of us. We didn't wait to see what happened next, we were out of there! Unfornantly we had nowhere else to go. We pulled off the side of the road in a safe location and prayed that we would be able to make it home safely. We finally saw the traffic moving and stopped a truck coming the opposite direction to see if he though our SUV would make it over the mud caked road. He thought we had a good chance if we had a running start and so we careened throught the mud at full throttle. Truman and Em were brave throughout the ordeal and we felt so grateful that we were watched over and blessed in our journey.

Our Treacherous Roads...

Saturday, August 9, 2008


thanks anna, for the opportunity to share some info:

Four things I love about my husband:
1. he always tells me how much he loves me
2. he is an amazing dad to truman
3. he is very supportive and puts my needs and wants first
4. he is incredibly devoted to the church and our family

Four jobs I have had:
1. paper carrier for the bend bulletin: age 11
2. st. charles medical center tray aide: i delivered patients' dinner trays at the local hospital in high school
3. landsystems nursery: summer job home from byu doing landscaping, etc.
4. pier 1, assorted positions, currently regional manager: 9 years and counting...

Four TV shows I watch:
1. the office
2. 30 rock
3. project runway
4. gossip girl (yeah, i know i'm like 16)

Four movies I have watched more than once (at least):
1. say anything
2. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
3. clueless
4. juno

Four places I have been: (that all start with O)
1. oregon: home, sweet home
2. orem, ut: worked there during school
3. old tucson, az: when we lived in gilbert growing up
4. ontarios: in both oregon & california

Four people who e-mail me "regularly":
1. work peeps
2. dad
3. joel
4. mom

Four most played songs in my iTunes:
1. where does the good go (tegan & sara)
2. don't i hold you (wheat)
3.goodnight and go (imogen heap)
4. marching bands of manhattan (death cab)

Four of my favorite foods:
1. cafe rio veggie salad
2. soft-serve ice cream
3. diet coke (don't even tell me it's not a "food")
4. chocolate chip cookies

Four places I would like to visit:
1. italy
2. hawaii
3. paris
4. banff

Four things I am looking forward to in the coming year:
1. truman learning how to walk
2. vacation to hawaii next june
3. christmas time with truman and joel
4. truman sleeping longer! please baby, please!

Four People I tag:
1. bev
2. veeda
3. lisa
4. abbey

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

neither joel nor i are particularly patriotic, and so i thought i would have a little fun dressing up truman as a little patriot. we surprised joel and got a good kick out of it. of course, truman had to wear his gear a little longer, until we met up with joel's family for breakfast in millcreek canyon, so they could experience the cuteness.

we had a great morning in the canyon with joel nearly getting in a fight with the idiot in the campsite next to us (i'll spare you the details, but it was entertaining!). next, we went up to east canyon reservoir with joel's sister anne and spent a few hours enjoying the sun and cool water. truman was a champ and had the best time. he really loves being outside and was just happy to be along for the ride.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Truman's First Swim

we took truman swimming for the first time the other day, and he absolutely loved it! he didn't cry once, not even when we got out of the pool and he was cold! he must love the water as much as his dad and i do. we are so excited to be able to share this with him and look forward to much more swimming in the future!

doesn't he look so content and laid back in his little floaty? his little legs were moving the whole time, like he was swimming. it was so cute! oh, and his new thing is sucking his two fingers. he hasn't ever been interested in a pacifier, and this definitely helps him self-soothe now.

Monday, June 30, 2008


this was my birthday cake. yes, i know, it looks a little sad. okay, very sad. i'm sure joel would like to say it is all truman's fault, but no. this one is all him! the story starts on my birthday last year. i told him i wanted an ice cream cake, because they're my favorite. i told him i wanted pralines & cream ice cream with white cake. simple. well, he forgot what kind i wanted and got the wrong kind. we had a few pieces, but mostly it took up room in the freezer until it was finally thrown away.

so this year, he was determined to get it right. he asked if i wanted an ice cream cake again, and of course i did. he wanted to know what kind and i even observed while he ordered it to get it right. the cake was from cold stone creamery and called "a cheesecake named desire." sounds delicious, right? he picked up the cake the night before me birthday and thought we were home free. the next morning, i woke up early to feed truman and then suddenly thought, where did joel put the cake? i ran and opened the freezer: no cake! i then opened the fridge door and saw my beautiful cake, melted. i screamed, joel came running and saw the disaster. i was the saddest girl ever as i recalled that this was yet another birthday cake ruined.

ok, so in all honesty, i still wanted to try this most tempting concoction, especially after joel worked so hard to get the right cake, so after church he put some candles in it, i made a wish, and we each ate a piece. it was delicious and i managed to finish off the rest of the cake (with a little help!) within the next few days! love you, honey!

the original version:oh, and i forgot, the best birthday news: i got an iphone! i've been wanting one since they came out a year ago, and joel completely surprised me! it was the best gift ever!


so, i am the worst blogger, but you all knew that already, so i'm going to stop apologizing. life is pretty good right now, and we're really enjoying the summer with truman.

some adventures so far:
we had a "family fun" day" out to antelope island, and truman decided he did not want to participate. he cried the whole way there, most of the time there (except when nursing, which he wanted about every hour!), and the entire way home. apparently, he is not a fan of antelopes. we hadn't seen crying like that since the first month of his life, fortunately, but it definitely was not family fun!

we spent the saturday before father's day doing activities joel suggested and had the most wonderful time. we went down to the 1st farmer's market of the season in pioneer park downtown. truman was a dream, just kickin' it in his stroller, checking out all the ladies in their strollers too. after that, we went to the tracy aviary at liberty park and had a great time there as well. truman really enjoys being outdoors (just not on family fun day), and was so good in his stroller. we brought our new camcorder (i think the last time we used it was in the hospital when he was born!) and got some great footage of our adventure. after that, we went to the sun and the moon cafe for dinner. it is up emigration canyon in this beautiful spot. the food was delicious, and truman was still being such a trooper. all in all, a perfect father's day weekend.

what else? truman is now 5 months old and still growing like a weed. his personality has really come out and he is this happy, laughing little boy most of the time. he has these big, beautiful blue eyes that will make you melt, and then when he smiles, you'll give me everything you have! he's going to be a charmer, this one! and trouble. definitely, trouble! he is so loving and wakes up every day the happiest little guy you've ever seen. he's rolling and moving all over the place and would really love to be crawling. he is super strong and catches some serious air in his jumperoo! all in all, things are great and we are really enjoying the family life!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

truman and his auntie

this picture was just too cute not to post! this is truman with his auntie bev.

back to work

i can't believe how long it's been since i last posted, but in my defense, a lot has happened! i have been back to work for about a month and a half now and my little baby is 4 months old! where has the time gone?

truman had his 4-month appointment this past week and is now up to 26 1/4 inches long and a whopping 17 lbs, 13 oz! he's above the 90th percentiles for both height and weight, but fortunately his head is only at the 50th percentile!

work is going well, like i mentioned before we have the best situation possible with my mother-in-law watching truman while joel and i are at work. it has been so wonderful to know that he is being well taken care of and that he gets to play with grandma all day! what a blessing that is. i am enjoying being back to work, though retail is never easy. i really love my job and am so glad everything is going so well.

truman was finally blessed about 2 weeks ago and joel gave him an amazing blessing. it was so overwhelming for me to witness that and i feel so grateful for my little family and the blessing of the church in our lives. it was also nice to have some out-of-town family here for the occasion including both my parents and joel's sister anne. of course the locals were here also, as well as some good friends.

(that picture of the family is from the weekend of his blessing)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Truman checks out the ladies

Lock up your daughters, the little guy is on the prowl.
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Growing Like a Weed

tomorrow is my last day of my full-time mommy career (for awhile, anyway). i'm back to work on monday. i'll be honest, i didn't think i would be as sad as i am to leave the little guy. however, i'm also excited to get back to work. hmm. fortunately for us, my dear mother-in-law is going to watch truman while joel and i are at work. i feel so blessed to have that option, because if it isn't going to be me or joel watching him, his grandma is who i would choose next. what better than someone who loves the little guy almost as much as we do? it will be hard at first, i know, but will get easier with time. the thing i will miss the most is his constant smiles, cute little laugh and snuggles. he is the best snuggler ever! i will miss seeing all of his daily changes, it seems like he learns something new everyday. but, i know grandma will love him, take care of him, and tell me all about what he does each day!

in other news, like the post title, truman is thriving! we had his 2 month check-up almost 2 weeks ago and he was up to 15 pounds and 24" long! i might have a little football player in my hands! he did pretty good with his first round of shots, not crying much until we had been home for a few hours. that night he slept over 6 hours straight, a new record for him. since then we have averaged about 4 hours a night at a time. i'll just say it, truman is not a good sleeper! we hit 6 hours again once this week, but the very next night: 3 hours! i haven't slept more than 5 1/2 hours at one time since he was born 2 1/2 months ago! depressing.

truman is doing great though, despite his aversion to lengthy sleeping. he is super smiley and has started to laugh. he loves to move, kick, and squirm. he doesn't even seem to mind bathtime anymore. all in all, he is a good little baby and i just can't get enough of the little guy. his smiles make me melt and i will do anything to make him happy.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Yesterday was Truman's first Easter and we had a wonderful day together as a family. My brother Dave and his wife Deborah came up and had dinner with us and then we sat outside on our back lawn and enjoyed the sunshine. What perfect weather!

Reading with the Dad

Truman loves when his dad reads to him, can't you tell? Joel is going out of town for work on Wednesday and won't be back until late on Saturday night. It will be the first time we're apart since Truman was born and I'm so nervous about it that I'm making my sister stay with me! I know, I'm a wuss!

Friday, March 14, 2008

the dad

joel is the best dad EVER! he does such a good job with truman and it is so exciting and wonderful to see. i am so lucky to have the cutest guys in the world in my life.

Monday, February 18, 2008

our little guy

Truman Photos

Dad & Truman

Mom & Truman

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I don't have much time to blog, but wanted everyone to hear the good news: Truman George Cannon was born on Thursday, January 31st at 1:57 pm after 22 long hours of labor. He was 8lb. 3oz. and is the cutest baby you've ever seen!

I promise we'll have (many) more pictures up soon!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year

okay, okay, i know i am the worst blogger ever. i'd like to say that it is my new year's resolution to blog more, but with a little baby boy coming in about 3 weeks, i can't promise anything at this point!

i can't believe 2007 is over, it seems to have flown by. it was an amazing year for us, full of many big changes like new promotions/positions for both of us at work, a new house, a new car, a baby on the way, our first anniversary & temple sealing, the list goes on! it really is remarkable how much we've been through over the past twelve months, and more importantly how much our little family has been blessed. i am truly overwhelmed with all that has been bestowed upon us and i feel so undeserving of it all. if 2008 brings us even half of the wonderful things we experienced in 2007, it will be a great year!

so yeah, i am down to the last few weeks of my pregnancy and while on one hand it feels crazy that he is coming so soon, it also feels like i have been pregnant for years! i am just so excited to finally see his little face (and little booty!). i know labor will be difficult, but i also know it will be an amazing, spiritual experience, and coming so soon! i have had a pretty good pregnancy, with no real problems until recently, as i have been bothered by a hip problem caused by my loosening ligiments preparing for birth. i have been seeing a chiropractor for a few weeks now, and it seems to be getting better. i guess it is a common problem with pregnant women in their last few weeks and it shouldn't be an issue once the baby comes. i feel so blessed that i have had such a healthy pregnancy and that all appears to be normal with the baby so far.

we had a wonderful christmas here in salt lake. it is our second christmas together and we have enjoyed bringing elements from both our family's traditions to create our own christmas traditions for our family. this year we spent christmas eve at home by ourselves, and christmas day at joel's parents' house with his 3 sisters, brother-in-law, and 2 nieces. most everyone went cross-country skiing, but i opted out due to my aforementioned hip problem. man, i sound like an old woman with a hip problem! anyway, christmas was a beautiful day with fresh snow and a sunny, blue sky. perfect! we had a great time hanging out with the family and playing a few rounds of catchprase after dinner.

also recently, joel had his 29th birthday on the 23rd. 29 is almost 30! yep, we're getting up there. we decided it's okay for us to be "old" now though since we have a baby on the way. parents can be old, so we've accepted that we are no longer young kids anymore. i felt bad because joel's two birthday parties were hijacked by issues and conditions out of our control and i didn't get to celebrate how i would've liked. i do want to tell my dear husband how much i love him and how grateful i am to have him forever! he is the most amazing husband and i cannot imagine loving someone more or having someone in my life that treats me better than he does. happy birthday, joel! i hope 29 is your best year yet! i love you!