Thursday, June 11, 2009


well, i'm now thirty. yes, three whole decades old. that is pretty remarkable, since i don't feel that old. but thirty is the new twenty, right? so to celebrate my "big" birthday, we are in hawaii! we started this tradition a few years ago when my sister turned thirty that we would take "big" vacations for the "big birthdays." at that time, it was just my mom, sister and i that went. this time, we decided husbands could come too, so my mom brought my step-dad and i brought joel. truman came too, as bev's special guy!

so the six of us are here and LOVING the sun, beach and beautiful ocean! i will blog later with full trip details, pictures, etc. but wanted to share my gratitude to my hubs for distracting me about my (old) age with some amazing gifts!

not only did i get this fabulous getaway to oahu, but i also got this super hot bag by marc jacobs (but in a fun saffron color instead of black- shocking, i know!):

and this cute nixon watch, too (though i did opt for black on this one!):
so yes, he is amazing and i had a wonderful thirtieth birthday!