Sunday, November 23, 2008


9 TV shows I watch:
The Office
30 Rock
Gossip Girl
One Tree Hill
Kath & Kim
Grey's Anatomy
Jon & Kate + 8
Criminal Minds

9 Favorite Restaurants:
Ruth's Diner
Sun + Moon Cafe
Blue Plate Diner
The Roof
Red Robin
Cafe Rio

9 Things I did Yesterday:
Watched the football game
Went to a baby shower
Had our family pictures taken
Did the laundry
Did the dishes
Went to the grocery store
Played with Truman
Watched TV with Joel
Started putting together some Christmas gifts

9 Things I am looking forward to:
Joel's 30th birthday
Truman's 1st birthday
My dad + stepmom coming to visit
Our family Christmas Eve party
Taking some time off after the holidays
Hawaii for my 30th b-day in June
Truman learning to walk

9 Things on my Wish List:
Not being sick!
A new car for Joel
(eventually) a little sibling for Truman
A husband for Bev
Cousins for Truman
A new fence for our yard
Updating our kitchen
Joel's mom watching Truman again
Happiness for my little family

9 Things I am scared of:
Losing Joel
Losing Truman
Driving in the snow
Making decisions
Speaking in church
Praying in Sacrament Meeting

9 Friends That I tag:
Jennie S.
Becky C.
Janaya R.
Katie T.
Nichole B.
Jayna S.
Anna S.
Lisa W. (soon to be H.)
Bev P.

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