Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year

okay, okay, i know i am the worst blogger ever. i'd like to say that it is my new year's resolution to blog more, but with a little baby boy coming in about 3 weeks, i can't promise anything at this point!

i can't believe 2007 is over, it seems to have flown by. it was an amazing year for us, full of many big changes like new promotions/positions for both of us at work, a new house, a new car, a baby on the way, our first anniversary & temple sealing, the list goes on! it really is remarkable how much we've been through over the past twelve months, and more importantly how much our little family has been blessed. i am truly overwhelmed with all that has been bestowed upon us and i feel so undeserving of it all. if 2008 brings us even half of the wonderful things we experienced in 2007, it will be a great year!

so yeah, i am down to the last few weeks of my pregnancy and while on one hand it feels crazy that he is coming so soon, it also feels like i have been pregnant for years! i am just so excited to finally see his little face (and little booty!). i know labor will be difficult, but i also know it will be an amazing, spiritual experience, and coming so soon! i have had a pretty good pregnancy, with no real problems until recently, as i have been bothered by a hip problem caused by my loosening ligiments preparing for birth. i have been seeing a chiropractor for a few weeks now, and it seems to be getting better. i guess it is a common problem with pregnant women in their last few weeks and it shouldn't be an issue once the baby comes. i feel so blessed that i have had such a healthy pregnancy and that all appears to be normal with the baby so far.

we had a wonderful christmas here in salt lake. it is our second christmas together and we have enjoyed bringing elements from both our family's traditions to create our own christmas traditions for our family. this year we spent christmas eve at home by ourselves, and christmas day at joel's parents' house with his 3 sisters, brother-in-law, and 2 nieces. most everyone went cross-country skiing, but i opted out due to my aforementioned hip problem. man, i sound like an old woman with a hip problem! anyway, christmas was a beautiful day with fresh snow and a sunny, blue sky. perfect! we had a great time hanging out with the family and playing a few rounds of catchprase after dinner.

also recently, joel had his 29th birthday on the 23rd. 29 is almost 30! yep, we're getting up there. we decided it's okay for us to be "old" now though since we have a baby on the way. parents can be old, so we've accepted that we are no longer young kids anymore. i felt bad because joel's two birthday parties were hijacked by issues and conditions out of our control and i didn't get to celebrate how i would've liked. i do want to tell my dear husband how much i love him and how grateful i am to have him forever! he is the most amazing husband and i cannot imagine loving someone more or having someone in my life that treats me better than he does. happy birthday, joel! i hope 29 is your best year yet! i love you!