Monday, June 30, 2008


this was my birthday cake. yes, i know, it looks a little sad. okay, very sad. i'm sure joel would like to say it is all truman's fault, but no. this one is all him! the story starts on my birthday last year. i told him i wanted an ice cream cake, because they're my favorite. i told him i wanted pralines & cream ice cream with white cake. simple. well, he forgot what kind i wanted and got the wrong kind. we had a few pieces, but mostly it took up room in the freezer until it was finally thrown away.

so this year, he was determined to get it right. he asked if i wanted an ice cream cake again, and of course i did. he wanted to know what kind and i even observed while he ordered it to get it right. the cake was from cold stone creamery and called "a cheesecake named desire." sounds delicious, right? he picked up the cake the night before me birthday and thought we were home free. the next morning, i woke up early to feed truman and then suddenly thought, where did joel put the cake? i ran and opened the freezer: no cake! i then opened the fridge door and saw my beautiful cake, melted. i screamed, joel came running and saw the disaster. i was the saddest girl ever as i recalled that this was yet another birthday cake ruined.

ok, so in all honesty, i still wanted to try this most tempting concoction, especially after joel worked so hard to get the right cake, so after church he put some candles in it, i made a wish, and we each ate a piece. it was delicious and i managed to finish off the rest of the cake (with a little help!) within the next few days! love you, honey!

the original version:oh, and i forgot, the best birthday news: i got an iphone! i've been wanting one since they came out a year ago, and joel completely surprised me! it was the best gift ever!


so, i am the worst blogger, but you all knew that already, so i'm going to stop apologizing. life is pretty good right now, and we're really enjoying the summer with truman.

some adventures so far:
we had a "family fun" day" out to antelope island, and truman decided he did not want to participate. he cried the whole way there, most of the time there (except when nursing, which he wanted about every hour!), and the entire way home. apparently, he is not a fan of antelopes. we hadn't seen crying like that since the first month of his life, fortunately, but it definitely was not family fun!

we spent the saturday before father's day doing activities joel suggested and had the most wonderful time. we went down to the 1st farmer's market of the season in pioneer park downtown. truman was a dream, just kickin' it in his stroller, checking out all the ladies in their strollers too. after that, we went to the tracy aviary at liberty park and had a great time there as well. truman really enjoys being outdoors (just not on family fun day), and was so good in his stroller. we brought our new camcorder (i think the last time we used it was in the hospital when he was born!) and got some great footage of our adventure. after that, we went to the sun and the moon cafe for dinner. it is up emigration canyon in this beautiful spot. the food was delicious, and truman was still being such a trooper. all in all, a perfect father's day weekend.

what else? truman is now 5 months old and still growing like a weed. his personality has really come out and he is this happy, laughing little boy most of the time. he has these big, beautiful blue eyes that will make you melt, and then when he smiles, you'll give me everything you have! he's going to be a charmer, this one! and trouble. definitely, trouble! he is so loving and wakes up every day the happiest little guy you've ever seen. he's rolling and moving all over the place and would really love to be crawling. he is super strong and catches some serious air in his jumperoo! all in all, things are great and we are really enjoying the family life!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

truman and his auntie

this picture was just too cute not to post! this is truman with his auntie bev.

back to work

i can't believe how long it's been since i last posted, but in my defense, a lot has happened! i have been back to work for about a month and a half now and my little baby is 4 months old! where has the time gone?

truman had his 4-month appointment this past week and is now up to 26 1/4 inches long and a whopping 17 lbs, 13 oz! he's above the 90th percentiles for both height and weight, but fortunately his head is only at the 50th percentile!

work is going well, like i mentioned before we have the best situation possible with my mother-in-law watching truman while joel and i are at work. it has been so wonderful to know that he is being well taken care of and that he gets to play with grandma all day! what a blessing that is. i am enjoying being back to work, though retail is never easy. i really love my job and am so glad everything is going so well.

truman was finally blessed about 2 weeks ago and joel gave him an amazing blessing. it was so overwhelming for me to witness that and i feel so grateful for my little family and the blessing of the church in our lives. it was also nice to have some out-of-town family here for the occasion including both my parents and joel's sister anne. of course the locals were here also, as well as some good friends.

(that picture of the family is from the weekend of his blessing)