Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve with the Cannons

Our attempt at the Christmas story featuring Dave as Joseph, Deborah as Mary, Truman as the baby Jesus, Emily as Wiseman 1, Bev as Wiseman 2, and Joel as the narrator. It was the best Christmas (pageant) ever!


Stevens said...

It really adds perspective to have a "real" baby Jesus. Micah was ours. He was a bit more cooperative, and a bit more violent. Hope Truman had a wonderful first Christmas!!

jlthomas said...

Wow, that was great! I wish we could have seen it live! Jacob was our Joseph and Emma his espoused wife. Luke did a pretty good job as baby Jesus and Natalie and our friend Makenna made excellent wise men with princess crowns and jewelry boxes. Such fun! miss you guys!

Becca said...

Hey, just wanted to say happy belated birthday to your little guy! Hope his first birthday was a good one:)