Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Truman checks out the ladies

Lock up your daughters, the little guy is on the prowl.
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Growing Like a Weed

tomorrow is my last day of my full-time mommy career (for awhile, anyway). i'm back to work on monday. i'll be honest, i didn't think i would be as sad as i am to leave the little guy. however, i'm also excited to get back to work. hmm. fortunately for us, my dear mother-in-law is going to watch truman while joel and i are at work. i feel so blessed to have that option, because if it isn't going to be me or joel watching him, his grandma is who i would choose next. what better than someone who loves the little guy almost as much as we do? it will be hard at first, i know, but will get easier with time. the thing i will miss the most is his constant smiles, cute little laugh and snuggles. he is the best snuggler ever! i will miss seeing all of his daily changes, it seems like he learns something new everyday. but, i know grandma will love him, take care of him, and tell me all about what he does each day!

in other news, like the post title, truman is thriving! we had his 2 month check-up almost 2 weeks ago and he was up to 15 pounds and 24" long! i might have a little football player in my hands! he did pretty good with his first round of shots, not crying much until we had been home for a few hours. that night he slept over 6 hours straight, a new record for him. since then we have averaged about 4 hours a night at a time. i'll just say it, truman is not a good sleeper! we hit 6 hours again once this week, but the very next night: 3 hours! i haven't slept more than 5 1/2 hours at one time since he was born 2 1/2 months ago! depressing.

truman is doing great though, despite his aversion to lengthy sleeping. he is super smiley and has started to laugh. he loves to move, kick, and squirm. he doesn't even seem to mind bathtime anymore. all in all, he is a good little baby and i just can't get enough of the little guy. his smiles make me melt and i will do anything to make him happy.