Sunday, February 15, 2009


wow, it's been awhile. unfortunately, most of you know that is always the case of our blog: inconsistent posting at best. oh well, life is busy and life is good, and sometimes blogging doesn't fit in with everything we've got going on.

so, we have had some pretty major milestones lately! joel turned 30, truman turned one, and about a month prior, enjoyed his first christmas! yep, my little guy is growing up! i can't believe a whole year has passed, it seems like i blinked and it was gone. i must say life as a mom just keeps getting better and better, i love my trumy more every day! he is an absolute joy and has so much personality. joel is a great dad and enjoys rough-housing with truman.

christmas was really fun, we had a pre-christmas party with my dad and step-mom from oregon, bev, dave + deborah, and joann's kids as well. we had a great dinner and then played some fun games like christmas song pictionary that joann made up. all-in-all, it was a blast and we were sad to see dad and joann leave for oregon again.
we also hosted a christmas eve party for joel's family, joined by bev and dave + deborah. we had a "talent" portion (which included the video from the last posting) and laughed and laughed all night. again, it was a great party and everyone enjoyed themselves.

truman wasn't really into the whole "gift" part of christmas, mostly he wanted to play with the screw driver used to assemble his toys, instead of the toys themselves! but, it was still fun, and he did love all of his new books and toys!

we had the pleasure of having my sister bev with us on christmas morning, and then went and joined joel's family for some lunch, delicious pumpkin soup made by joel's sister anne! after lunch and more gifts, joel, anne, truman and i went out for our annual tradition of snowshoeing on christmas day. there was a crazy snowstorm, but we went anyway and really enjoyed ourselves. truman especially loved it and even rolled around in the snow after we were done:

about two weeks ago we celebrated truman's birthday! it was such a fun day, and we had family and friends (grandpa + grandma cannon, grammy o'harra, auntie bev, aunt anne, uncle dave and aunt deborah, the bybees, anna + ruby swallow and the rochas) join us for the occasion. truman isn't really into any tv shows, movies or characters, with the exception of 'bee movie.' it is the only thing he will even remotely pay attention to when it is on, so we went with a 'bee movie' theme of sorts. here is his cake (for us to eat), and his own (which he didn't want to eat):

truman doesn't really like sweet things, and didn't like his cake:

he did have a good laugh with uncle dave though:

truman loved seeing all of his family and friends, and LOVED his balloons! he calls them "bloons" and still has one left from his party that he drags around--so cute!

and since i have been so bad at blogging, i'll post this now (or otherwise it might not happen for a few months)! this is of me and truman yesterday, valentine's day, in our matching outfits:


Holly said...

Happy Birthday Truman! Wow - it seems like just a few months ago that we were all sitting around at your baby shower, and now he's 1! Where does the time go?

scott and mattie said...

i can't believe he is one! time sure flies. he is so cute.

Tammy said...

Man, where does the time go. He's still so darn cute. Happy B-day Truman.

jlthomas said...

Cute stuff! I love the little Bee cake! Happy Birthday Truman!!!

The Thomas Family said...

Yeah for all the cute pictures. You guys all look fantastic and we want to get together with you soon. I can't believe Truman is 1. He's such a big boy!