Sunday, May 24, 2009

One (more) For Good Measure

okay, so not to overwhelm you with posts, but here's one more (though i'll keep it short). i just thought i would add a few pictures of truman, and share what he has been up to lately. first, i adore this kid! he has such a personality and loves life! he is very curious and wants to see, touch, and (mostly) taste everything! everything is new and wonderful to him, and it makes me so happy! he loves balls, and especially being outside, and will play out there for hours, with just a stick or shovel or whatever. oh, and he is obsessed with phones:

one of his other favorite things is (oddly) brooms. or anything else with a handle like that: swiffers, mops, etc. i think this stems from his fascination with his grandpa's cane, but who knows?!
and while he is still mostly bald, he has been growing so tall and skinny lately (still over 90% in height, but only 45% in weight!), just like his dad! his vocabulary has also been expanding, and it seems he is learning new words all the time.

a few of his new ones that i love:
broom (naturally)
hi (to anyone and everyone!)
night-night (though sounds like nigh-nigh)
juice (just today!)
he also make the sounds of a bird (ah ah ah ah) and car (vroom, vroom)

yep, he is pretty much amazing! i love him so ridiculously much!
(sorry for the poor photo quality, they are from our phones)


Ben and Jenny said...

thats funny about his height and weight. Noah is about the same. We went to the Pedi last week and his weight actually dropped. I felt like the pedi was looking at me as if i didn't feed my child! He is just so active.

Anna said...

It was fun to read all your fun updates! It is so fun to see recent pictures of Truman - he is SO cute! He really does look tall and skinny. Truman & Ruby need to get reacquainted! Let's plan something for JUNE!

Veeda said...

Oh, the broom infatuation cracks me up. He's so darling!